Discovering Together

As a creative facilitator, I help people in cultural organisations and communities to see the big picture. Together.

Co-creating something new, together

My facilitated sessions help participants to navigate uncertainty with more confidence and experience a creativity process as a group.

Suitable for beginners. It’s common that the attendees of these workshops experience a creativity process for the first time.

Reflective Process. Workshops involve reflective practices which help participants to gain understanding of the process and become more resilient to ups and downs of the creative journey.

Result. Some facilitated projects include an innovation part, where participants reach a concrete result, e.g. a new community service is created, or a prototype for a local problem based on SDGs, etc.

Empowering people with future skills

My facilitated sessions help participants to gain hands-on skills they can use in everyday life and work.

Creative Action
Digital Literacy

Engaging senses

As a facilitator, I love setting the playful mood for the workshops. Even the most rational and serious participants end up enjoying it.

In a face-to-face session, I come wearing funky outfits and bring in a real bag of “stuff” to activate curiosity for participants.

In an online workshop, funky background screens and storytelling come to play.

Facilitation Projects Showcase

I facilitate with non-profit organisations in Lithuania (Kurybines Jungtys) and Ireland (The Ladder).

Facilitated projects I involve in have an intention to foster community engagement, civic action and nurture skills such as creative problem solving, co-creation, and more.

Innovator in Culture

Activating innovators and change makers mentality and behaviour in a cultural organisations (public sector). Introduction to deep listening, questioning, design thinking, collaboration, and change maker scenarios.

Diversity and Inclusion

Co-creating a workshop about Diversity and Inclusion in a corporation. Workshop includes a diversity wheel, an adaptation of a privilege walk and reflective exercises for 300 people.

Belonging through Culture

Empowering a local cultural organisation (a library) to build bridges with other local organisations and migrant audiences through design thinking, deep listening

Ecology Workshop Series

Introducing the principles of living systems to interdisciplinary creators through experiential methods that can be used in an education setting

Intro to Research and Knowledge Transfer (Cultural Sector)

Empowering research beginners to conduct live interviews, document the research and pass the knowledge in experiential format to their colleagues.

Intro to Design of Educational Activities For Interdisciplinary Creators

Empowering interdisciplinary artists to discover their creative style and strengths, and turn their knowledge into educational activities available for sale.

Community Discovery and Service Design (Cultural Sector)

Mapping potential audiences within a cultural organisation and co-creating new formats of communal events together with a new audience.

Inclusive Strategic Planning Online (Public Sector)

Envisioning the foundations of your organisation or community where everyone's voice is heard.

Local Impact with Design Sprint (Cross Sector)

Mapping the Sustainable Development Goals from United Nations locally and practically.

Problem Solving for Youth (Education Sector)

Transforming local/global problems into prototypes of innovations through role play.