Ruta, can you give an example of how you work?

Think about our services as an intermediary step between where you are right now and your vision. We give you practical strategies and make it easier to showcase what you do to the world.

Who are your services for?

Individuals and small teams who are overloaded with advice and who need a comprehensive way to implement goals:

  • Startups who need to explain their business idea to potential investors and get a digital presence up.
  • Directors who need to get their team to work together towards business goals.
  • PR and Communication professionals and Marketers who look for a simple system to run marketing and communicate the outcomes within the organisation.

What methods do you use in your work?

Our approach involves questioning and making insights. Together, we turn thoughts into meaningful statements, plans and processes that give clarity and confidence. We mix human and technical methods to help you achieve goals:

Strategic planning. We help businesses gain clarity with the fundamental questions such as mission, vision, values and positioning. We develop value proposition statements, segment audiences and prepare go-to-market entry roadmaps.

Content marketing. We help explain what you do to the world.  We create marketing messages with copywriting for website landing pages and calls-to-actions, look at integrations for website development platforms WordPress and Squarespace, define target personas, develop keyword strategies for content types such as blogs, ebooks, email, social media and map these against lifecycle stages of your target customers.

Startup business processes. We help businesses optimise time with lean strategy, AARRR funnels, experiment design, agile, kanban, design thinking.

Product marketing. We help explain the value of your product to your audience with jobs-to-be-done framework, product and user research.

Mindset change. We help businesses overcome traditional thinking and open up to opportunities with neuro-linguistic programming and coaching.

We involve in an ongoing conversation to make sure your business goals are achieved.

How do we work together?

We work face to face and virtually. We talk over Skype or Zoom.us, keep track of a project progress with Trello, Workflowy or Google Docs and we still use email.

What’s your pricing?

Let’s have a conversation about your needs, and we’ll make the estimation.

Can we talk?

Add a Skype meeting to our calendar, and we’ll connect.