As a facilitator, I help people to move outside the head and into the world of ‘making dreams happen’.

Making dreams happen, with structure

Come join my cozy space online where you are heard. We’ll map your concrete dreams and take small practical steps.

Career Change

When you feel like trying a new profession, choose me as your Creative Learning Facilitator.

Business Startup

When you need modern tools for your new business, I’m your Growth Marketing Consultant!


See who you’re while making your own website. Choose me as your Web Tutor to discover more about yourself and technology. 

Fun, matters.

Come join self-discovery workshops for your dedicated creativity time! What to expect? Funny outfits and background screens! Constructing with our hands, and more.

What People Say?

Start Exploring

Why choose a Career Change course?

Let’s explore all sides of who you are. I invite you to bring integrity and playfulness to life. Start your Career Change project with me to learn creative problem solving and digital skills that open the doors to the new worlds!

project-based lessons


Exploration first. Map your interests. As writers say: write, edit later. Same with goals, let’s map all of your interests and pack them into tiny projects, so that you can get a taster of your new hobbies and later decide which ones to keep and which ones to compost.

Organic growth. Inspiring vision fuels our motivation to keep going rather than being stuck with fixed ‘smart goals’. Opportunities for spontaneous shortcuts that come from systems thinking guaranteed.

Small and hands-on. From creative routines that spark ideas to project management on mobile, designer’s tools will help you to grow with empathy and productivity. Yes to self-actualisation and a deeper connection to life!

Start a Business

Why choose a Business Startup course?

Imagine you have a compass that helps you grow a newborn business with more trust and focus. Inquire about the foundations of your business and your customer needs together with my marketing toolkit.
marketing foundations

Making the point

Founder essentials. Inquire about why you’re in business and let me help you choose the right words for painting your business vision. Moreover, see the elements of your business in one page plan and understand how unique you’re. Next time you’re meeting potential clients, your business value proposition naturally unfolds for you. Same statement fits your website too.

Customer essentials. Discover why your solution matters to your customers. Learn to map the needs of your target customers and convert them to benefits. My empathic designer’s and marketer’s toolkit will help to paint the picture of your customer segments on Miro and write a succinct value proposition statement.

Operational essentials. How do you evolve from A to B, or perhaps from A to Z? Grow your flexibility muscle and learn from the customer insights. Experience a rapid experimentation method that creates feedback loops between your business and your customers. Hands-on. Fast. Useful.

Make Your Website

Why choose a Website course?

Imagine all of your ideas have a dedicated home online. Well, learn to create beautiful modern websites and you’re a click away from birthing ideas online. 

screen-share tutorials

Learn to make a website

WordPress essentials. The exact places to click on to get your website up and running on a self-hosted WordPress. A web designer’s jargon guide included!

Brand essentials. Colours and fonts. Domains and brand names.

Elementor essentials. Construct your website from existing templates and create your own library of reusable elements.

Ecommerce essentials. The exact places to click on to get payments working on your brandnew website.

our journey

Let's see if I'm the right facilitator for you?

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Let's discuss your curiosity to explore and my approach

02 Proposal

Review my proposal with pricing, timeline and exploration outcomes

03 Workshops Happen

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