How to Develop a Business

Step 1 – Decide

Mission. Take a sheet of paper and write down why your business exists.

Step 2 – Research

Problem. Write down problems that your business aims to solve. Now, group similar problems together. Give these groups names. List them from the most important to the least.

Customers. Write down professions of people who experience this problem AND people who spend money or time on this problem.

Customer Journey. Take a bunch of post-its and write down steps these people take when they experience this problem AND pay for this problem.

Step 3 – Plan

Product. Choose a step from Customer Journey you want to improve with your business.

Product Value Proposition. Explain what you offer to people and how you help them.

Brand Message. Review Value Proposition and Mission. Take a sheet of paper and write what you want people to remember when they interact with your business.

Revenue Model. Think how much time and/or money your product saves to your customers. Now, decide what prices to charge your customers.

Goals. Write down what you want to achieve in 6 years, 6 months and 6 weeks.

Action PlanWrite down what you need to get done to achieve your goals.

Partners. Write down values, expertise and network access you need in your team’s skill set.

Step 4 – Prepare

Feedback. Write down questions you need to get answered before you invest time/money into your business. Get answers to those questions.

Structure. Every day, do a 5-minute meeting with yourself when you say out loud what you want to get done that day.

Review. Every Monday review what you got done the previous week and what you want to get done this week.

Tools. Create a habit to write down thoughts on note-taking app.