How to Develop a Brand

Step 1 – Write

Plan. Take a sheet of paper and answer four questions:

  1. Why does my company exist? That’s your Mission.
  2. What matters to us? That’s your Values.
  3. How does our product help people? That’s your Value Proposition.
  4. What kind of people do we serve? That’s Audiences to communicate to with your brand.

Step 2 – Create

Name. Review Step 1. Now, write words that relate to your mission and value proposition. Choose one word that you will use as your company’s brand name.

Website plan. Take a sheet of paper and write sentences that explain what you do, how you help people (see Step 1) and how people can contact you. We will use this text for website pages About, Product, Contact.

Website look. Think of your favourite website to get inspiration. Take a sheet of paper. Imagine what people see when they come to your company’s website. Draw on paper what comes to mind.

Website. Google how to build a website or hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Step 3 – Promote

Brand Message. Review Step 1: Value Proposition and Mission. Take a sheet of paper and write what you want people to remember when they leave your website.

Marketing Channels. Take a sheet of paper and write where your audience is spending time.

Customer Journey. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into 12 months. Mark on each month how often you want to communicate with your audience.

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