Artistic Explorations

Ruta views creativity as an evolutionary portal to higher consciousness. She loves punchy and humorous style. Her approach was influenced by the ideas of system thinkers like Fritjof Capra and microbiologist Lynn Margulis. Ruta agrees that systems cannot be changed but disturbed; and she follows an idea of how creativity births through interaction (symbiosis).

She is excited about art being a tool for everyone, rather than a selected few. On a daily basis, as an artistic activist, Ruta uses her identity and fashion as a portal for igniting the general public to question their own identity and coexistence.

When it comes to artistic projects, Ruta’s intention is to use concept design, storytelling, creative experiments and immersive experiences, to explore how interaction with systems (things, body, community, society) sparks butterfly effects when new social norms spread in society with new values attached.

story (in the making)


experience (2021)

Symbiotic Creativity LIVE

technology (2015-...)


global community (2021)


story about modern humans (2016)

Banana Break