Since 2010, Ruta lived in Ireland (Dublin and West Cork). Now, Ruta is in Lithuania. She lives in the forest with 2 white dogs and a botanist.

About Ruta (Danyte) Jakute

Ruta Jakute is a web designer and hands-on learning facilitator in Lithuania and Ireland.

She helps people to navigate the first creative journeys with a sense of grounding, playfulness and clarity.

After working with Ruta, people connect with the nature we are and learn to navigate modern technologies with more confidence.

Clients call Ruta a ‘digital fairy’. This is because after a learning time together, people gain 21st century competencies, that help with self-actualisation and a deeper sense of belonging on our planet Earth.


Co-Create Value

I aim to empower people to create meaning out of nothing, while having a fun time together.



A network of STEAM explorers with local branches around the Earth is my north star…

My Interests


how to coexist


how to connect


how people develop

Digital Business

how to create value

People Development

I experiment with my own personal development since 2008. And I explore general tools that everyone could use to develop themselves.
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Education Technology Jobs:

Business & Technology

I’m self-taught in Web Design but also influenced by the latest models of growing a business like Lean Startup, Agile, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, and the latest trend – Biomimicry and All-Life Centric Design (see my interest in Systems).

Digital Business Background:
Digital Tools & Mental Models:
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Places: Lithuania and Ireland

My reconnection with nature started in 2018 through relocation from the city where I lived since 2010 (Dublin, IE) to countryside (West Cork, IE).

Now I promote a slower lifestyle and hybrid remote work, while being based between the forest and the city (in Lithuania). I live with 2 white doggies and a plant lover, surrounded by the forest, river and neighbours!

Curious about collaboration?

My purpose is to help more people to develop 21st century competencies. I’m always interested to collaborate with organisations and individuals with complementing skills who have a shared purpose.
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