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I'm Ruta (Danyte) Jakute, Symbiotic Creator in Lithuania & Ireland

freelance web designer, creative learning facilitator

Hats don’t matter while learning is my path. Project-based learning.  To me, learning is about questioning, exploring, synthesising, sharing. Going wide and going deep. To me, business is a project, a project that can be started by anyone. Such a joyful tool for navigating an uncertain everyday while adapting to a new reality and creating solutions to problems I/we face. 

When I see “a lack of…” in my surroundings and on the news, I strive for a business education for all, business training that is curiosity-driven, project-based and ecological. 

If my purpose resonates, ping me for a virtual coffee. I always love collaborating on exciting projects.



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People Development

I experiment with my own personal development since 2008. And I explore general tools that everyone could use to develop themselves.
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Business & Technology

I’m self-taught in Web Design but also influenced by the latest models of growing a business like Lean Startup, Agile, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, and the latest trend – Biomimicry and All-Life Centric Design (see my interest in Living Systems).
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