Designer x Facilitator

Hey, I'm Ruta

People call me a “digital fairy”. I have a compass for chaotic life, you see.

Expeditions for People

Homes for Ideas

Play Time for Groups


Butterfly Effect

After a long pause, I’m reconnecting with communities, online and face-to-face. Seeing people. Weaving those connections and networks, again. And here, the magic of

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Conflicts Have Styles

When it comes to conflict, my habitual response is “let’s solve it”. Over years, I learned to jump into problem solving mentality (ah, thanks

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Thinking with Hands

Together When I lived in Ireland, I used to facilitate workshops for communities. We called these sessions ‘sprints on local problems’ (from the famous

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Fruitful Collaborations

I wonder, what glues people together. Why some collaborations work, while others do not? I guess the same things as in any relationships apply.

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