Prototyping Dreams

in Ireland, Lithuania

Hey! I’m Ruta. But people call me a ‘digital fairy’. I’m a friendly developer, inspired by life in the forest.

I help people to create something out of nothing, with playfulness and grounding.


Creativity sparks from both, action and pausing.

Deep Roots, Sweet Fruits

Whether creativity is used in business, technology, arts or community, the creative force is easier to tame when the creator has both: tools for action and for self-reflection.

Soft and Punchy Toolkit

Work with me, if you need help with making concrete actions towards dreams (rapid prototyping) and then pausing to turn learnings into compost and new seeds.

Creating with cycles like nature does.


Why pursue your dreams online with Ruta?

Easier, Together

You don't have to pursue your dreams alone. It's easier and more enjoyable with a friendly expert on your side! Welcome to Co-Creation.

Making The Point

Seeing is believing. Whatever you imagine, let's make it real and to the point. Welcome to Prototyping.

Caring Rhythm

Get introduced to a balanced approach to pursuing goals. Explore widely. Then, pause and digest learnings before entering another creativity cycle. Welcome to Reflection.

My name is Ruta

When people work with Ruta?

Self-Discovery Support

As a self-discovery facilitator, Ruta helps people to move outside their heads and into the world of ‘making things happen!’

Online Business Support

As a web designer, Ruta helps entrepreneurs to discover authentic messaging and make it visible online.

Community Facilitation

As a community facilitator, Ruta helps people in your organisation or community to see the big picture. Together.

Realise Your Ideas over Screen-Share Call with Ruta

Seeing is believing. Whatever you imagine, let’s make it real and to the point. Welcome to Rapid Prototyping.

During a screen-share call, you tell me what you imagine, and I bring in clarity and make a real prototype of your idea. I’ll use one of the web tools you can continue using like Miro, your website, or even Canva, to nail down the messaging of your idea. All in real-time.


Co-creating the future now

“When I think about technology, I think about people. The future depends on our collective imagination. Lifelong learning, communities and self-expression are the portals to the future.”


What's the future to you?


Weekly Action Towards Your Dreams

As much as you love thinking, action brings a pure joy. I invite you to move outside your head and into the world of ‘making things happen!’ with my weekly support call. 

Weekly Support

  • Lean Prototyping: Learn to pursue dreams with thinking borrowed from engineers who launch big visions with doable steps. It’s called Prototyping!
  • Self-Reflection: Learn to digest experiences, let go of emotions and discover more about your authentic self.
  • Everyday Tech Lessons: Learn to think visually and strategically, collaborate online and more.