Prototyping Dreams

Hey! I’m Ruta. My name means a friend, a medicinal herb and a road.  

I help people to activate creative energy and bring ideas to life.

Structure turns chaos into play

Life is for exploration

There’s a Universe inside you, me and all of us. Such a vastness of creative potential.

But sometimes we forget about our creative nature.

I offer structure and playfulness that activates your creativity.

Activating creative energy

promote an idea — life is for exploration. Passion projects and business are our playgrounds! But creativity is messy. Learning to act and reflect helps. I offer structure and playfulness for bringing ideas to life:

Ideas need a home

If you’ve started your journey of birthing ideas, you know. Creative energy is wild. Exciting! And confusing?

As seeds need nurturing care, ideas need a safe space for birth.

I offer structure for bringing ideas to life.

Can I help you?

Learn Soft Skills

Welcome creativity to your life, discover more about your true self and nurture soft skills. My workshops are hands-on, even if we connect over a video call.

Your Voice Online

Claim your space online. Choose me as your Web Designer, if you seek a friendly tech guidance and a professional authentic website that grows with you!

Spells for nurturing ideas

Let me share my secret spells with you. When you’re riding the creativity wave, these spells will help to turn ideas into a real thing!

Any vision gets closer to reality when it’s seen. No matter a size or a domain of a dream, making that first step is essential, even if that would be the first sentence about the idea voiced to a stranger or the first version of a website forwarded as a link to a friend.

It turns out the dream gets closer and closer to a real thing in steps and with feedback loops. This is ‘Prototyping Dreams’!

The journey of creating something out of nothing is shaky. So here, calling in the opposite forces helps with taming the creativity wave.

I call it a ‘Soft and Punchy’ toolkit, where self-care and empathy helps to find the common ground, but decision-making with critical thinking helps to move forward.

Whether I use creativity in business, technology, arts or community, I love small and doable projects or cycles of milestones. This is how a ‘Turbo Snail’ creates!

In the moment of curiosity, let’s capture the feeling and take that step. Speed matters here. Instead of letting an inner critic to imagine all the possibilities why it wouldn’t work, cultivating the gut feeling and rapid spontaneous action is key.

I call it ‘Chancing’, as ‘taking a chance in life’.

Creativity doesn’t appear in the vacuum. A dialogue with a stranger, holding an object in my hand, a stupid question, all work like prompts and gates into the world of creating.

I call it ‘every idea needs a mirror’ which means interaction fuels the creative process.

It turns out that creating something out of nothing is a cycle. Nah, it wasn’t a waste spending that time on 2 passion projects. Exploration time fuels deeper understanding of self and more interesting ideas.

Welcome to the process of ‘Deep Roots, Sweet Fruits’!

Human behind this storytelling

I’m 2in1 kinda human. I’m a web developer and a creative learning facilitator.

So yes, I love activating curiosity in everyone I meet, as much as I love making web projects flow easily.

What’s my secret? 

Thanks to a background in tech startups, I love making things happen.

On the other hand, I’m fascinated by people, which helps to empathise with your audience.

Hello, World!

If you’re curious human or a small team, who needs structure for bringing ideas to life, just say hello.

I’m always here to talk about ideas!