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Ideas Shape Culture

Hey, welcome. I'm Ruta, and I believe in the power of creatity to shape our lives.

My superpower is synthesis. I help people make the point and groups to bond.

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People Activation

Everyone has a potential to create something out nothing. So, shine on. Your ideas matter. We’re part of the same living web constructing the future.

For creativity beginners, I offer a safe space for self-discovery and guided creative expeditions for a career change, business startup and personal branding through websites.

Creativity Cultivation
Making The Point

Community Activation

Communities are like waves that bring people forward. But sometimes groups are out of balance with a lack of consensus. 

For groups, I facilitate prototyping sessions where all participants contribute to see the big picture together.

Creative Thinking Journal


Butterfly Effect

After a long pause, I’m reconnecting with communities, online and face-to-face. Seeing people. Weaving those connections and networks, again. And here, the magic of

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Conflicts Have Styles

When it comes to conflict and problem solving, my natural response is to go all in or run away. Over years, I learned to

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Thinking with Hands

When I lived in Ireland, I used to facilitate design workshops for communities solving local problems around Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs). What a

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Fruitful Collaborations

I wonder, what glues people together. Why some collaborations work, while others do not? I guess the same things as in any relationships apply.

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