Hi, I'm Ruta, Imaginator.

I help people raise Brainchildren 🙂

Why bother?
Ideas shape Culture!

Following questions...

I flow through life with two questions in mind — “How do people grow and how do ideas spread”? So I tried. It turns out that we grow when we create projects from the heart. And guess what? Ideas shape culture. Yes.

And so, I work as a “mirror” that projects thoughts into projects, websites, brands, startups, products/services, businesses.

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Inquiring together and imaging new solutions to problems and new concepts that engage people deeply

Digital Tools

Navigating a sea of information with technologies of our time and mental models they reveal in our minds


Moving fast and navigating through feedback loops from the environment


Striving for a repeatable model and value creation for all stakeholders

Systems Thinking

Mapping the ecosystem and seeing links, opportunities for partnerships


Embodying the principles of living systems and integrating them into business, community, creativity

Work With Me

How can I help you?

Learn with me or create with me.
ruta - group workshop

Learning Facilitation

When you seek to upskill in competencies of the future, hire me as your creative workshop facilitator. I’ll set up our learning space on Miro for a group or individual session. We’ll connect on Zoom and I’ll guide you step-by-step in the journey of exploring and discovering together. Topics? Creativity and Imagination, Innovation and Problem Solving (SDGs), Design Thinking and Prototyping, Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills.

creative direction - ruta

Creative Direction

When you seek a moment of “wow” and a new concept to engage people deely, hire me as your creative director. I’ll be your mirror and map the essence of who you’re as a brand and create a one document with steps you can repeat to engage your audience. Deliverables? Organisational DNA, Brand Identity (co-designed with my creative partner Malü Duque), Marketing Roadmap, Content Creation Plan, Digital Marketing Training.

websites - ruta

Web Design & Ecommerce

When you seek a virtual home for your organisation or a personal brand, hire me as your web designer, ecommerce and online course developer. I’ll create a professional website that you can easily update: a website with the essence of who you’re and what you offer to people  (services, blogs, courses). Deliverables? Professional website made with a self-hosted WordPress and Elementor. Safe, fast, SEO- and all devices friendly. Web lessons included.